5 Tips For A Perfect Beach Wedding

A ceremony on a beautiful beach, with white sand reaching out in front of you, a beautiful sunset, and you giving your vows next to the one you love. A romantic and sweet scene will make your happy day much more unique and unforgettable.

So how to plan a perfect beach wedding?

The most important thing is a detailed and complete organizational plan. Let’s find out 5 tips to make your beach wedding more perfect with Lutèce.

1. The Venue

For couples living in coastal provinces such as Phu Yen, Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Phan Thiet, etc., it will not be difficult to find a suitable venue for the event. But for couples living in cities, finding a venue is not that easy. Couples can book hotels and resorts on their favorite beaches for a private space to enjoy a romantic day. In addition, hotels and resorts will assist you in reducing the risks of sound and light exposure due to weather conditions.

Aside from that, time management is another thing that couples must consider. Late afternoon is the perfect time to hold the ceremony. The beach is a great location for a wedding, and seeing the sunset in the background adds to the romance. So the most important thing is to find a suitable wedding venue that you like, from which you can arrange the decoration and organization.

2. The Planning

Once you have chosen your wedding date and have ideas for your wedding day, make a list of what you’ll need to do before, during, and after the wedding. Pre-wedding photography, wedding dresses, and wedding invitations are all things to consider when starting a wedding. If you don’t have a lot of time to prepare or aren’t sure where to start, hire a professional wedding planner to assist you. A wedding planner with a lot of experience can help you have a good and perfect beach wedding, especially when beach weddings are not common.

3. The Decoration

 The sea breeze is one of the decorative problems that couples should consider when planning a beach wedding. Since the sea breeze is very strong, you should be cautious when selecting wedding party concepts and decor details. Rustic, retro, and tropical styles are ideal for beach parties that couples may refer to.

 The sturdiness of the decor details is also important, because even a strong wind can ruin everything. When it comes to flowers, make sure to pick flowers that can withstand high temperatures and won’t wilt until the ceremony starts.

4. The sound and light system

You don’t want the sound of the waves to distract you while the wedding is going on. A professional sound system will assist you in resolving this problem. Find out whether your venue or wedding planner provides these before renting or purchasing them.

Lighting is another success factor to have for any party, particularly for beach weddings and outdoor weddings in general. With shimmering lights, a beach wedding will become even more romantic. Make sure your place has enough lighting, otherwise you’ll have to make special arrangements for party decorations.

5. Key Moments

In a wedding ceremony, key moments can be described as rare and significant moments. Make your wedding special by including key moments for you and your guests. A first dance on the sand, a performance by a couple or partners, a few emotional words from loved ones, or simply a dazzling fireworks show when the bride and groom kiss each other. The above main moment ideas ensure that your wedding would leave all guests the unforgettable experience.