A Traditional-Modern Engagement Ceremony

It is more than just happy when you finally find someone to have and to hold for the rest of your life. The engagement is the very first milestone of the marriage road.

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The Decorations

On the previous day, the bride’s family should get the house decorated in the specific areas from gate and doorway, front & back yard, living room, staircase to the bride’s room, family altar, etc.

Before the moments

Bride-gonna-be could always take some times to put on her best makeup, and the traditional aodai early in the morning, then spend sometimes taking memorable photos with family and friends before the arrival of the groom and his family.

Bride’s family also checks out the table setup for the last time to welcome the groom and his entourage later on.

The Presentation

During the chosen good time period, the groom’s family reps bring the engagement gifts to the bride’s house.

The family reps and the other members then stopped around 50-100 meters away from the bride’s house, then the young & single men led by the groom’s family seniors carrying those gift trays on foot to the bride’s house where the girl’s family awaiting in the front.

The Opening

Normally, a senior rep of the groom’s family will open the ceremony by stating the reason of the ceremony, introducing the family members (usually starting with the parents of the couple).

Nowadays, the two families may sit back, relax, and enjoy the moments while a professional wedding MC will lead the whole process for the day.

After the introductions, the two family reps will give their speech of establishing the relationship between two families, and their children’s marriage, exchange gifts, etc.

Accepting the gifts

As the bride’s family rep (usually the mother) accepts the engagement gift trays from the groom’s side, the trays will then be placed around the central area where the ceremony should take place later on.

According to the Southern traditions, the number of engagement gift trays is an even number (4,6,8,10…) while in the North, gift trays come in odd number (5, 7, 9, 11…)

During the first part of the ceremony, the bride stays in her room until the groom comes pick her up.

Ancestor worship ceremony

Upon the bride’s family permission, the groom will then go to the bride’s room, and take her to the family altar to pray with the family reps.

The bride’s mother will then offer a gift tray to the family altar for the praying with bride, groom, and other family reps.

After the ritual, the couple will then make their first entrance to greet the guests.

Tea offerings

Traditionally, future bride & groom will offer tea to the family reps starting with their parents, then the other senior members.

The groom’s rep (usually the mother) will present some gifts for the future bride as the wish for happiness, and also, as the support from the family.

The wedding discussion

The two family reps then continuously discuss on the date, time, and other details for the coming wedding until it comes to a mutual agreement.

The Reception

With families who wish to organize a decent treatment after the ceremony, a reception will be prepared with or without the support from a professional caterer. All family members sit back, and enjoy the meal together to celebrate the newly-established bond between the two families.

These days, in order to save time, and efforts for both families, especially for the seniors or those who live far away from the wedding venue, the engagement ceremony could be combined with the other ceremonies before the happening of the Wedding – the main event.

And to really enjoy the day, future bride & groom will sure need help from a professional wedding planner, and the other service providers to best meet the expectations.