A Long & Winding Road

Love is a winding road
Older than old and hard to straighten...

Starting with the visual of a long & winding road from the entrance to the center of the stage where the ceremony would be, a sweet combination of pink, orange, and peach in different shades was chosen as the theme colors of the reception.

The pastel scheme was one of the favorite options chosen by many couples that can apply to any weddings, in any seasons. But when it comes to uniqueness, a touch of green and dreamy brown pampas grass truly made the party décor much more harmonious.

One of the features of the reception was an exotic 7-tier wedding cake. A classically custom-designed wedding cake with delicate white tones and exquisite details made the final piece of the puzzle.

Love is not far away. It's a home that stays right where we are..

Our Concept