Great Things About Holding Your Wedding At A Golf Club

There’s a ton of things to pick and decide for your BIG DAY. But one thing for sure, music for your ceremony and reception should always be one of those things.

Holding hands and exchanging vows on the green at a golf club is not quite a new idea, but definitely a brilliant idea for those who love having a breakaway ceremony, or just simply enjoy the big day with less restrictions during the ‘New Normal’.

So even this idea has never crossed your mind, there are some considerable benefits that worth checking out. Here are a few.

1. Bask in the gorgeous greenery

Whether for a pre-wedding photo ops or the ceremony itself, you will enjoy the freshness and worry-free surroundings while basking in the nature embrace.

2. Extra Activities Under The Sun

Even it takes time for you and your guests to travel, but think about it this way – spend a little bit more time comparing to driving in the chaos during rush hours, and you’ll find it worth the effort at a beautiful getaway with spacious areas for the activities under the sun.

3. One Day, One Location

Picking a venue, especially during the ‘New Normal’ these days with a place that offers the space to conform to social distancing guidelines, but still offers a sense of normalcy is now on the top of the list. At a golf course, you will enjoy an elegant setting for your ceremony in the breath-taking sunset, before satisfy your guests with a flavorsome reception at night.

Last but not least, besides the space, the professional crews, and the fun; you and your partner-for-life will be able to enjoy your big day your way with less covid restrictions in the open air without cutting down too much on the number of guests.