Hottest Wedding Trends for 2021

We’ve all experienced tremendous changes at every corner on the planet since the pandemic kicked in last year.

Life goes on, and so does love.

Wedding ceremonies and receptions have adapted with the safe code, and transformed the way they used to be as for now, couples have a deeper appreciation celebrating their big day with family and friends.

Let’s have a look at how newly-weds transformed their ways of celebrating lately.

1. Safety First

All of us has been used to hand sanitizer, face masks, and safety precautions for the last 18 months now. So why not have a creative yet romantic way of keeping your loved ones, and friends sanitized in your wedding with a cute signage and some ‘hand-sani’ bottles.

2. Micro Wedding

These days, due to the restrictions in outbreak periods, many couples choose to celebrate small with family and friends first by a simple yet intimate ceremony while waiting for the big party to come when it is safe.

3. All About The Green

For nature lovers, ‘keeping it green’ has been more popular than ever by having their wedding eco-friendly. So we are not talking about the decoration colors or whatsoever, it is all about having a breath of nature in the way your guests experience your big day.

4. Simple Yet Elegant

For those who loves simplicity or minimalism, a simple wedding styling with subtle design, classic color pallete in an understated yet elegant concept will definitely win the couple’s heart.

5. Wedding Dance and Games

Together with the First Dance getting much more popular in Asia; weddings games, seated entertainments, and group activities will be seen more regularly in weddings receptions these days. But among them all, the newly wed games always sit on the top of the list for all the fans.

6. Outdoor Ceremonies

From hotel gardens to resort beaches, say Hello to tying the knot in a fresh greenery with floral and ribbon decorations where you will be saying the vow, playing wedding games, and taking photos with flower petals and fireworks.