Virtual Bridal Shower – Why Not?

As a longtime favorite pre-wedding event for the bride in the West, a bridal shower is an All-girl event in celebration of the bride’s upcoming marriage. Traditionally, it’s an opportunity for guests to give the couple gifts for the home back in the 16th century.

Fact: a traditional Bridal Shower is hardly organized at real venue, with real gatherings and parties due to Covid restrictions.

So what’s left on the table for the bride gonna-be and her crew?

A Virtual Bridal Shower

New flash: this sweet event does not have to be held ‘in-person’ as planning ahead for having a traditionally-held Bridal Shower which requires physical attendance of friends and loved ones is impossible during the isolation.

So here’s some ideas to walk the talk, and make her dream come true.

Online invitation

Whether it is Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom, etc. just pick whatever convenient for all guests to use for the virtual event. Set a time, send the e-invitation, and get together.

Order Food To-Go

Different places with the same food! The host may choose a set menu  for everyone. Or simply email the menu to the guests, collect what they want, and place the orders to the caterer so the food would be delivered to the guest door.

Open Gifts From Afar

Gift-unboxing in front of the screen offers such as an unique experience to the celebration.

For gifts that aren’t delivered, just let the guests open their gift on your behalf via the video call, and get it sent to you later on.

Movie Night

For movie fans, why not pick up something classic on Netflix or Internet, grab a drink and snack and enjoy at the same time. With a little help of a techkie friend, the movie could be synchronized while having a group messaging would give you and your gang a memorable movie night even you guys are miles apart.

Game Night

When it comes to having fun, what could be less than a game night?

Don’t let a screen stop your fun with some Show & Tell, Drinking Game or any online games that you guys used to play. No matter what they are, there are tons of games that could make your night.

Cook It Off!

Just like an episode of The Master Chef, ask your guests to set up a video call in their kitchen then pick a simple dish with a few ingredients that could be cooked in 20 minutes. Vote for the winner with the best presentation (not the taste)!

No matter how stressful the wedding planning might be, get yourself unwind with your crew, and live the moments for the night.