Wedding Attire For Men

We might all hear about Cinderella-wedding-dress stories where the Bride spends countless time hunting, and trying the ‘right dress’. So how about ‘the Prince’? It’s his time to shine too, so let the Groom’s outfit be something that speaks for himself.

Picking out a suit or tuxedo for the wedding is always the first thing coming to a man’s mind when the date is saved. And most of the time, men don’t know what they want, or what really fits them until walking through the door of a suit tailor.

So be ahead by answering a few questions as below, and find out how you can look your best on your special day.

Should it be a suit or a tux?

First thing first, talk to your fiancée about her dress style, and the formality of the wedding. Remember, a formal wedding definitely calls for a tux with bowtie whilst for a semi-formal ceremony, a dark suit with tie would make the call.

Furthermore, if you’re planning for a destination wedding, keep khaki or white suits in mind.

Quality comes first!

Given the fact that most of the grooms will wear his wedding suit after the big day. A tailor-made suit will do the best job by the fabric, the lining, the stitching, and most of all, the fit itself.

Rent or Buy?

However, if you wish to go for a rent, aim for the high-end pieces if you can find something that fits.

When to start looking for the suit or tux?

Whenever the bride’s dress is selected, you should start choosing your wedding attire not only with the suit or tux, but also down to the (bow)tie, pocket square (not to mistake with the boutonniere), cufflinks, shoes, and socks, etc.


Last but not least, whether you choose to rent or buy your wedding suits or tuxes, you still need a new pair of shoes for the day since an old pair of shoes (or even like-new ones) is a setback when you put on the full look.

This is not to mention that you will be posing for the whole day for photo/video shooting, socializing and/or dancing, so the last thing you would want for yourself is getting a cramp or blister. And finally, this is your day, so get a decent pair of shoes that matches the outfit, and add them to your rack after the wedding for future use.


It is very important to always try everything on before hand. Putting on a full look with some mix-and-match, and see it for yourself.

Stand out from the Groomsmen.

And the final piece of advice, let the groomsmen wear their own suits. Work out a style or color preference if you have any specific requests.