Wedding Ceremony – The Trend or The Need?

These days, couples are becoming more aware of ceremonies in addition to the usual wedding celebrations. It can be said that the ceremony will focus on the couple’s and guests’ true feelings, allowing them to share and celebrate their joy on a wonderful day with others.

A Wedding Ceremony is where love breathes life, and takes shape into life time commitment.

The special and beautiful vows that the bride and groom exchange before entering a new chapter of life are the most meaningful part of a ceremony. In this article, LUTECE will help couples better understand an usual ceremony, and the meaning of vows, giving them more ideas for their big day.

1. What is a Wedding Ceremony?

The ceremony is an important and necessary part of Western weddings. The bride and groom will exchange vows and become husband and wife in front of their closest friends and family throughout this ceremony. These ceremonies are usually not involved a crowd of more than around 50 guests, and sometimes even fewer. Most of the guests are the couple’s loved ones, and close friends who will witness this important moment. Emotions are the most significant and focused aspect of a wedding ceremony. The bride and groom’s emotional vows to each other, as well as the sharing and blessings from friends and relatives, make the event even more memorable. 

The decoration for an outdoor ceremony usually contains a simple stage or a floral gate, rows of seats, and standard sound system.

For many couples, soft tones such as white, ivory, or pink are the favored color palette. A floral gate where the couple celebrates under, a route where the bride and groom step up, and rows of seats where the guests can focus on watching and sharing their happiness with the couple are required for a ceremony. The delicate floral combined with an open background will be an ideal setting for a memorable ceremony.

2. The meaning of the Vow.

A wedding vow is simply the heartfelt words said by the bride and groom to each other on their special day. There is no widely agreed definition of what a wedding vow should be. It could be feelings or memories from when they first met, fell in love, and are now beginning on a new married life together. Everything must start with the bride and groom’s sincerity and true feelings. 

For the couple, a ceremony held privately in a beautiful location, next to close friends, exchanging vows towards a new chapter of life filled with love will become one of the most memorable and meaningful days of their lives.

In essence, whether you wish to have your big day celebrated your way or just want to enjoy the moments with your loved ones and friends in a cosy place before the party, even that is not a MUST, a wedding ceremony still gives the couple more chances to express their emotions, tie up their sacred bond in the sense of love and commitment.

The choice is yours.