Wedding Checklist 101

Congratulations on your big decision with Mr/Ms. Right.
Whether you guys are months away from the wedding or just want it to be ready anytime soon during Covid periods, let’s check out the ‘Wedding Checklist 101’ with Lutece Wedding to make sure you will enjoy your Big Day with confidence.

Check these out, and enjoy your day your way.

Wedding ring

  • Simply follow the rule: See – Try – Order
  • Start browsing with your preferences based on design, brand names, materials, and delivery time.

Size tip: fit or 1/2 size larger.

Wedding Gowns & Suits

  • Same process with rings, you will need to See – Try – Order (or buy if any)
  • Note: if it is made to order, try it again around one week to make sure it fits with your latest figures or if it requires some alterations.
  • Shoes, heels, and other accessories (jewelry, ties/bowties, lapel pins, pocket squares, cufflinks, etc.) also to be taken into consideration.

Tip: try the size again around one week prior to your wedding day in case of alterations.

Guest list and venue booking

  • Number of guests
  • Place and time
  • Budget allocations.

Tip: group the guests by families, work groups, friends, others, etc. for easier arrangements.

Decoration and operations

  • Decoration style, concept
  • Wedding Ceremony/Reception flows/timeline.

Tip: talk to your wedding planner for the concept of your dream.

Service bookings

  • Makeup and Hair styling
  • Videography/photography (pre-wedding, proposal, ceremony & reception, etc.)
  • Engagement gift boxes
  • Master of Ceremony (MC)
  • Transports (cars)

Tip: browse the style, book trials (Makeup, Hair styling), and reserve the services a couple of weeks in advance.

Invitations/Place cards

Tip: choose the design, check maquette, book production & delivery date.


  • Home decorations and setups for engagement ceremony
  • Food/confection/drinks for the ceremony
  • Beauty services (facial treatments, manicure/pedicure, hair & makeup trials, etc.)
  • Wedding favors (if any)
  • Work with MC before the ceremony for the flows, and notices.

And last but not least, stay healthy, sleep well, and free your mind before the day by handing things off to the Pros as soon as possible.