Wedding Music 101

There’s a ton of things to pick and decide for your BIG DAY. But one thing for sure, music for your ceremony and reception should always be one of those things.

Fact: When it comes to music for the wedding, some says ‘whatever’, the other say ‘it does matter’.

So think about it this way – whenever or wherever you hear the songs again, it would bring you back to the date you were married. Just live the moment, and make it last forever.

Welcome music

No matter it is your intimate ceremony, or the fancy reception, be assured to put your guests at ease, make them relax to enjoy the date with you with a quartet or flamenco band up to your taste.

Music for the ceremony

Think about the atmosphere you want to set for the ceremony, be it spiritual, classic, contemporary or simply stick to a piece that you both love for the bridal entrance.

First Dance Song

Pick something that is loved and memorial to both of you. And if you don’t have a special song, ask your planner or DJ for some heartfelt options. No matter what the piece is, feel it, and enjoy it your way.

Activity music

This section is when you two are going to cut the cake, pour the wine, and/or toss the bouquet. This part of music could be chosen by you, or just leave it to your DJ when they sure know some beautiful tunes for such the activities.

Ambience music

When the ceremony comes to an end, and the reception takes over, it’s time to reset the ambience for the transition with a music DJ or another live band so the guests could sit back, relax, and enjoy the party.

Music for the reception

Music will absolutely make the mood and tone of your reception. So be noticed of some music genres that should not be played as below.

  •          Loud music is off-putting and annoying
  •          Pop music is trivial and cheap sounding
  •       Cheesy or sombre chamber music that brings people down.

During dinner, choose some light, and breezy music in the background and then, when it’s time to dance, hit the beats so your guests may let their hair down, and get their feet on the floor.