About Us

Lutèce - Wedding & Party Planner is a leading provider of services, solutions for decorating, high-end wedding planning and private events

A special feature of Lutèce's service is the meticulousness, the focus on every detail with unique solutions. That makes us different & unique.

We have had nearly 10 years of expertise in wedding planning and luxury floral design

We strive to reach out and support couples coming from all around the world with a desire to celebrate their weddings in Vietnam.

As one of the most charming oriental countries in the world with breathtaking landscapes, cultural diversity, exquisite cuisine and hospitable people, Vietnam has become a new hub for Destination Wedding in the region.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and share your upcoming plans to celebrate your most special day in Vietnam.

We are looking forward to cherishing our moments with our talents and expertise in wedding planning.

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